Mountain Coast Aikikai is a not-for-profit martial art organization located in Vancouver, BC, Canada (BC Societies Registration No: S0066654).  Established in 1991, our mission is to promote the fitness of the whole person through a direct experience of Japanese martial art training and related disciplines, specifically:

The school provides a dynamic, knowledgeable, personally challenging and positive environment where individuals from all walks of life can gain improvements in fitness, flexibility, calmness, self-discipline and mindfulness, through the study of these disciplines.

The training methodology embraces the physical practices of martial discipline and technique, which work to build the connection between mind, body and spirit.  This, in turn, prepares individuals to live more mindfully and to serve and contribute meaningfully to the communities in which they live.

Participants learn to embody the principles of Aikido and Japanese swordsmanship in a dynamic, energetic, focused, respectful and non-competitive atmosphere.

Mountain Coast Aikikai is affiliated with Birankai International, Aikikai Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan) and Ryushin Shouchi Ryu-Canada.  The school was founded to promote quality instruction and practice in Aikido and Japanese swordsmanship.

Birankai North America and Birankai Canada are recognized by the Aikikai Foundation - Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.  Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Canada is recognized by Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan)

Membership in Mountain Coast Aikikai is open to sincere persons, regardless of level of experience, age, gender, race, religion, sexual preference, or national origin.