Mountain Coast Aikikai is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization.  All membership fees support the existence and operation of the school and should not be considered as payment in exchange for instruction.  All instructors, including the chief instructor, volunteer their time - none of the instructors are paid.  Mountain Coast Aikikai does not require members to sign long-term contracts.  Testing fees are nominal.

Members pay membership fees on a month-to-month basis (or for a longer term, if you choose).  As an ongoing regular member, you are welcome to train in as many classes as you wish.  However, permission of the Chief instructor is required for participation in any of our weapons training programs, such as Aiki-weapons, Iai Batto-ho, or Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaijutsu.

START TRAINING (for New Students)

Start Aikido or Iaijutsu training at any time with one of our Two-Month Introductory Memberships.

A.  Two-Month Aikido Intro.:  $100 for 2 months

Includes two Aikido Body Arts classes per week: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:40pm.

B.  Two-Month Iaijutsu Intro.:  $ 80 for 2 months

Includes one RSR Iaijutsu class per week:  Tuesday  8:45-10:00pm

C.  Two-Month Combined Aikido + Iaijutsu Intro.:  $ 120 for 2 months

Includes two Aikido Body Arts and one RSR Iaijutsu class per week. Aikido Foundations: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:40pm. RSR Iaijutsu: Tuesday  8:45-10:00pm

Enrollment Steps

Visit the dojo to watch a class (Aikido and/or Iaijutsu) and meet our instructor and members.
You may observe any scheduled class on Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  Check the dojo Calendar for up to date information on class times.

The enrollment process is very simple and straightforward:

  1. Visit the dojo to watch an Aikido and/or Iaijutsu class.
  2. Choose whether you want to train in Aikido only, RSR Iaijutsu only, or both Aikido and RSR Iaijutsu .
  3. Pick a start date.
  4. Enroll for the 2-month Introductory program by completing the registration/waiver and paying the program fee.
  5. Before attending your first class, purchase a training uniform and training equipment.  (We can recommend sizing and location to purchase a uniform).
    - For Aikido you will need a training uniform (white).  It is highly recommend to wash your uniform before wearing.
    - For RSR Iaijutsu, you will need a training uniform (white, blue or black), plus a bokken and saya (wooden sword and plastic scabbard) and hakama (pleated pant skirt).
    - We can guide you in finding the training equipment you will need to start Iaijutsu training.
  6. Start training!  On the first day, arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts, so we can give you a brief orientation to the dojo.

What will I learn?

In the first few classes, you will learn the basic elements of dojo etiquette, the principles of training, and how to roll and fall safely in order to prevent injury.  As you progress, you will gradually work your way into the regular pace of the class.  Most new students find that they get a feel for the etiquette and flow of the class within a week or so.

During your first few classes you will be receive individual instruction on basic posture and footwork and on how to fall safely, before you start learning Aikido techniques.  Our instructors and senior students are happy to help you get started and are always available to help you with any questions you may have.

What happens after I finish the 2-month Introductory Membership?

After you complete the two-month Introductory Membership program, you may apply to become a Regular Member of the dojo.  You will have a short interview with the Chief Instructor and following this interview you may register as a regular member.  Regular Membership is an Ongoing Monthly Membership.

•  Regular members in the Aikido program may participate in all Aikido and selected Aiki-Weapons/Iai Batto-ho classes offered at the dojo.

•  As a regular member of the dojo, there is no additional charge to participate in Aikido weapons training classes, but you must obtain the permission of the Chief Instructor before attending any weapons classes.



Monthly membership dues for adult regular members are as follows:

A.  Aikido:  $95 per month |  $76 for students  |  $96 for a second family member.

B. RSR Iaijutsu:  $40 per month  |   $32 per month for students  |  $32 per month for a second family member.

C. Combined Aikido + RSR Iaijutsu:  $120 per month |  $96 per month for students  | $96 per month for a second family member

There are two ways to sign up and pay for ongoing monthly memberships:15

1. By Interac e-Transfer to the dojo email address

2. By Paypal electronic payment, using your credit card or Paypal account*  (*Note: this option includes an extra $4 CAD per month transaction fee.)

• Sign up to the Dojo Members Mailing list so we can keep you informed of dojo news and events.

•  See the Fee Payment Options section below for important information about our Membership Fee Policy.


•  Visitors who are current members of Birankai, Canadian Aikido Federation, or US Aikido Federation:  $10 per class 

•  Visitors who are not members of Birankai, Canadian Aikido Federation, or US Aikido Federation:   $15 per class



Annual fees for registration with Mountain Coast Aikikai, Birankai Canada and Birankai North America are included in the ongoing monthly membership fee.


•  Mountain Coast Aikikai periodically hosts special seminars, training intensives or workshops, conducted by guest instructors or by our chief instructor.

•  Dojo members are encouraged to attend these seminars whenever possible, but participation in these events is not mandatory.

•  When the dojo hosts such events, participants may be charged a fee to help cover the costs of operating and hosting the event.


• Dojo fees may be paid by monthly Interac E-transfer, by scheduled Pre-Authorized Electronic Transfer via Paypal, or by cheque or cash payment at the dojo.
The preferred method of payment for monthly membership fees is via Interac E-Transfer or PayPal electronic payment* (*Note: Paypal electronic payment option includes a $4 CAD transaction fee).


•  Monthly membership fees are due by the 1st of each month, for the upcoming month of membership.

•  Fees must be paid before participating in any class at the dojo.

•  Annual fees are included in monthly membership fees for regular members.

•  Mountain Coast Aikikai has a no refund policy.  Membership fees are non-refundable.

•  If it becomes necessary to be away from the dojo for any length of time and you wish to temporarily stop your membership fee obligation,
please make your plans known to the Chief Instructor before your leave of absence.  A membership hiatus may only be granted if notification is received in advance of the planned leave.

•  Late Payments:  Membership fees received late (i.e. after the 1st of the month) will be assessed alate fee of $15.00for each payment that is overdue.

•  Testing and Promotion Fees:  Test fees are nominal and vary by rank.  All testing fees must be submitted with a test application, at least one week in advance of the test date.

•  Fees for registration of rank must be paid separately to the dojo, when a rank has been awarded.  Please contact the dojo for information on kyu and dan ranking fees.

•  Returned Payments:  A charge of $25.00 will be assessed for all dishonored or returned cheques or payments.