Established in 1991, Mountain Coast Aikikai is a not-for-profit martial art school located in Vancouver, BC.   Our mission is to promote the fitness of the whole person through a direct experience of training in Japanese budo (武道 – martial ways) and related disciplines. Specifically:  Traditional Aikido, Japanese swordsmanship, and mind-body integration practices.  

Our approach blends the traditional training methods of Japanese budo with insights and experience from the world of sports science research, HIIT (high intensity interval training), skills-based fitness, and movement & posture work, to build the connection between body and mind.  Our goal is to enable participants to move with awareness, confidence, integrity, and intention.

Regular participation in this type of training cultivates a high level of whole-body fitness, physical and mental vitality, motor coordination, flexibility, balance, mental clarity and mindful-awareness — in other words — a solid foundation that enhances your capacity to move well, live more fully, and apply these principles to nearly any endeavour… and we think that’s pretty cool!

AIKIDO | 合 気 道

IAIJUTSU | 居 合 術

Mountain Coast Aikikai is affiliated with Birankai Canada and Birankai North America, and through these organizations with the Aikikai Foundation – Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.  Mountain Coast Aikikai is a member dojo of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu International, Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.